Joshua Tree Pet Resort - Services
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Joshua Tree Pet Resort offers a variety of other services which are listed below. All our outside play and exercise is included in the boarding rate.

Pet resort boarding:
Boarding: $30/day/dog
Doggy day care: $30/dog/day during the week  $40/day/dog during the weekend (ask about weekly discounted special)
Cats: $20/day for the first cat and $15/cat thereafter
Small furry critters: Call for pricing

We gladly accept cash and checks but not credit cards.

Drop off and pick up hours 7 days per week: 8-10 am and 4-6pm (or ask about customer accommodation times)

VIP Boarding:
For dogs that don't do well in a kennel situation we offer our in home care. Your fur baby can enjoy the group play but in the end of the day spend the night in a home environment rather then in the kennel. Ideal for senior dogs or dogs with separation anxiety.

Administer medication/insulin:
Medication administered  as directed by owner $5.00 per day.

Anxiety treatment:
In rare cases your dog may benefit from a mild sedative to prevent extreme separation anxiety.
Certain breeds such as  Airedale Terriers, German Shepherds, Springer Spaniels , Pitbulls and Weimaraners are prone to separation anxiety or in some cases previous bad experience in a kennel environment can contribute to this condition. Giving a treatment helps prevent stress related diarrhea, vomiting or stress related injury. $5 per treatment. We are able to offer this treatment thanks to the owner being a Veterinarian.

In house Cuisine: We highly recommend bringing your own dog food to prevent upset tummies. However, we offer high quality dog/cat food, in case you rather have us take care of the meals.

Your dog needs to be current on the following vaccines:
We offer these vaccines at $25/vaccine if your dog is not current at the time of boarding.
Cats needs to be current on:

Full Spa Treatment:
Includes: Bath, deshedding treatment, toe nail trim, ear cleaning, breath biscuit and a 30-45 minutes brushing, plus cologne of your choice.
Call/text for pricing: (760) 219-9801

Wash and go!
 If you want to pick up a clean dog, but don't want the frills of the spa treatment.
The wash and Go might be enough for your doggy.
A nice cleansing bath and brush plus cologne of your choice.

Everybody gets individualized, loving  pet care in a home away from home atmosphere. MICRO CHIPPING!
For $30 you can stay connected for Life!
A few simple steps can provide a Lifetime of Security. Have your dog micro chipped! The procedure is safe and quick
If you move, you can update your records on line or by calling a toll-free number for no extra charge.
The $40 is a one time fee! . This is a small price to stay connected for life! There is no yearly fee with our microchip like so many other companies!
 (There is a ONE TIME enrollment fee of $19 with the AKC CAR's 24-hour recovery hot line, most companies have a yearly fee which ours don't)

Wanna play? Quality Pet Sitting always have a dog ready for fun. The outside time is especially important for long term stays so your dog won't come back home with kennel stress. Even if a dog is staying short term we take pride in making it a kennel experience above the rest. A pet hotel your dog wants to come back to.

Donations: We are always in need of blankets and old bath towels. Please keep us in mind if you have any items you would like to donate. If we can't use it, we'll find someone that will. Thank you!