Joshua Tree Pet Resort - FAQ
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Q. Do I need to make reservations?
A. Yes.
Q. What time can I drop off/pick up my dog?
A. Monday-Friday & Sunday 8-10am or 4-6pm; Saturday 8-10am but no afternoon pickup/drop off (unless prearranged).

Q. Do I have to fill out paper work when I bring my pet for the first time?
A. Yes! Allow 10-15 minutes to read and fill out  paper work. 2 pages front and back.
Q. Can I pay with a credit card?
A. No. We don't take credit cards. But we gladly accept cash and checks!

Q. Do I have to bring my vaccine records every time I bring my dog/cat?
A. No. You just have to bring the records on your first visit and when vaccines are updated. We keep your records on file.
Q. Can you vaccinate my pet if he is missing any of the vaccines needed for boarding?
A. Yes, we sure can! We charge $25/vaccine. We offer DH2PP (Distemeper/Parvo combo), Bordetella  and Rabies for dogs; and FVRCPC and Rabies for cats.

Q. Can I bring my dog/cat for just vaccines and micro chipping even if we are not boarding?
A. Yes. Just call to make an appointment.
Q. Is somebody on the premises 24/7?
A. Yes. Our home is on the premises.  We are here unless we are running errands.
Q. Why can't I drop off my dog of whenever I feel like it?
A. I do run errands once in awhile and I would hate for you to come while I'm not here. Also, we don't want to interrupt the dog's outside play time or we could be in the middle of bathing a pooch.
Q. Can I come and see the facility?
A. Yes. Please make an appointment so that we can make sure the dogs are kenneled and not outside playing during your visit.

Q. How long do the dogs get to spend outside?
A. We utilize the outside play area as much as we can. The outside time depends on your dog's needs. Puppies have different needs than a senior dog. It's also breed related. If the weather permits and your dog is up for it, he/she can stay outside the whole day. A tired dog is a content dog.
Q. Can my Pitx be part of play dates?
A. Yes, as long as he/she passes the temperament test, is already socialized, and full fill the requirements.
Q. Can my dog be part of play dates even though I'm not sure if he/she is dog-friendly?
A. No. Your dog must have been socialized prior to his/her stay if you want them to have play dates. We don't want any dog fights.
Q. Do you accept all dog breeds?
A. No. Our insurance policy doesn't allow us to board pure Pit Bulls. Most Pitx are ok as long as they are friendly. We don't take ANY dogs that are aggressive, no matter what breed they are.
Q.Can I board my 3 month old puppy?
A. No. They have to be at least 4 months old because they need to be fully vaccinated to board.
Q. Do you charge extra for large dogs?
A. No.
Q. Do you have a different boarding fee for puppies or senior dogs?
A. No. Puppies, adults and seniors are all $30/dog/day, unless the dog has special needs.  Then we charge $35/dog/day.
Q. How many times a day do you feed the dogs?
A. How ever many times he/she is fed at home. We follow the schedule the dog is accustomed to.
Q. Can I bring toys for my dog?
A. Yes, you may, but please don't bring your dog's favorite, in case he takes it outside and it gets lost. We are not responsible for lost or forgotten items. Make sure to check your bags when you pick up to make sure you have all your dog's belongings.   
Q. Can I bring a blanket or a bed?
A. Yes, but make sure you don't bring too big of a bed. It needs to be able to fit into the washer in case it's soiled. We need a way to be able to identify items so all belongings need to be marked with your pet's name.

Q. What happens if I bring my dog and he/she turns out to be aggressive after I leave?
A. We usually notice pretty quickly after meeting a dog if there will be a problem. On rare occasions, a dog can turn aggressive after the owner leaves. In those cases, we have to use additional staff as well as caution to prevent getting bitten and injured. We do charge a $15 handling fee on top of our regular boarding rate for this service. If you don't know how your dog will act while boarding, you might want to bring her for doggy day care prior to your departure. Please note this is very rare and doesn't happen very often.
Q. Do you offer both long and short term stays?
A.Yes. Some come for doggie day care while some stay for months at a time.
Q. Since the owner is a veterinarian can you treat my pet in case of an emergency?
 A. We are not set up as a veterinary clinic so we would take your pet to YOUR veterinarian or the emergency clinic in case of an illness.
Q. My dog is very nervous and get anxious while being away from us. Can you give my dog something to relax?
A. Yes, we can give your dog a treatment to take the edge off if he/she needs it. First, we try other methods like playing and exercise. In most cases, we are able to make even the most unhappy dog enjoy his stay without having to give medication. We are happy to give you more information regarding the anxiety treatment if your dog might be one of the few that would benefit from the treatment.
Q. I have been to other kennels before and most of them have been very noisy. How come your kennel is nice and quiet?
A. Again, we take pride in having happy dogs. We give all our guest individual and special time based on their needs. Also, we are  picky on the dogs we take in. We don't welcome back dogs that are excessive barkers. We want everybody to have a stress free time!
Q. Do your rates change during the holidays?
A. We charge $30/dog/day from November 18-25 and  December 15-January 3rd, Easter Sunday, and 4th of July.
Q. Are you open for boarding during the holidays?
A. Yes. We are open for boarding 365 days of the year BUT we are closed for drop offs and pick up during the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, and 4th of July.
(Christmas Eve & New Years Eve, we offer drop offs/pick up in the morning between
Q. What if I HAVE to pick up or drop off on one of those holidays? 
A. If you have an emergency and have to drop off or pick up on any of the closed holidays, we are able to make an exception but we need to have a specific and agreed upon time and you will also be charged for the day plus $15.

Q. Why do you charge extra if I don't bring my own dog food?
A.Your dog will more then likely end up with an upset tummy for switching food quickly and nobody is happy with an upset stomach. We feed high quality dog food which is expensive.
Q. Is your facility legal and insured?
A.  We follow all the legal state codes, we have all the legal permits needed to run a boarding facility, and we are insured. Please be aware that most people that offers "in home boarding" are NOT legal and they don't have the required permits.