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Team Biographies

The Mills Family welcomes you to our licensed, professional, insured, and legal kennel. The family lives on the premises so somebody is on site 98% of the time.

Robert is a veterinarian and Christina has worked in the veterinary field for 10 years. Together, the Joshua Tree Pet Resort team has plenty of pet care experience. In 2003, the Mills Family moved to Joshua Tree and, soon after, Christina started the pet sitting business by doing visits in client's homes. Her dream of having her own kennel facility came true in 2007 when she opened the doors to a brand new building where she started to offer more than the average kennel.

Christina is the main caretaker of the kennel's guests. Her first job was at a dog/cat boarding facility. That's when her dream of having her own kennel first started. After college, she moved from Sweden to America. She has worked many years in the veterinary field, starting out as a kennel technician and then working her way up. Before she had the kennel, her favorite job was working for a spay and neuter clinic.

Robert graduated from Michigan State University and has worked as a veterinarian since graduation. For the past 20 years, he has specialized in spaying and neutering cats and dogs. He works currently for the SPCA.

The Mills Family little rascals, Emma, Sara, and Daniel, are big helpers. Growing up around animals, from an early age, they were taught how to handle dogs and cats with a gentle touch. All three of the kids all have a big heart for the animals. Emma (aka "The Dog Whisperer") is the oldest child.  She loves giving a helping hand during bath time. Sara likes cuddle time and Daniel enjoys throwing balls and playtime!

Mills Family personal pets are Cocoa, a cuddly Poodle, and Tidbit, who likes to greet clients with a big, happy smile! Kiya (a Corgi/Cavalier King Charles) is our big helper. She likes to be part of all the action and particularly enjoys herding the dogs up when it's time to go in for the night. Roxy, a mixed breed, is a new rescue.  She is very sweet and loving.

The family's cats are hairless Sphynx Willow, Cali, and Bammy, and also a Bambino named Magic.

A Desert Tortoise rescue is also on the property with approximately a half dozen adopted residents.